Ephriam CHAMBERLAIN Tranceita Maria CHAMBERLAIN Delorious T. CHAMBERLAIN Carmeleita Hampton CHAMBERLAIN Mary Kieth (KEEFE) Lydia LEONARD Mini tree diagram


27th Nov 1829 - 10th Nov 1908

Life History

27th Nov 1829

Born in Centre Harbor, New Hampshire

4th Jul 1855

Married Mary Kieth (KEEFE) in Boston, Massachusetts

3rd Nov 1856

Birth of daughter Tranceita Maria CHAMBERLAIN in Cambridge, Massachusetts

2nd Dec 1857

Birth of daughter Delorious T. CHAMBERLAIN

23rd Jun 1861

Birth of daughter Carmeleita Hampton CHAMBERLAIN

between 1875 and 1951

Death of daughter Delorious T. CHAMBERLAIN

10th Nov 1908

Died in Maple Hill, Barre, Massachusetts

Other facts


Burial in Mount Auburn, Massachusetts


Occupation in Soldier, Teamster, Policeman, Officer, Governor's Staff Officer, Prison Warden


  • Enlisted soldier in the Mexican-American War, Officer in the CivilWar.  Wrote "My Confession."  Apparently the manuscript was allwritten between the years of 1855 and 1861

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