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Joshua Lawrence CHAMBERLAIN

8th Sep 1828 - 24th Feb 1914

Life History

8th Sep 1828

Born in Brewer, Maine

(less likely)

8th Sep 1828

Born in Brewer, Maine

(most likely)

7th Dec 1855

Married Frances Caroline ADAMS in First Congreationial Church, Brunswick, Maine

16th Oct 1856

Birth of daughter Grace Dupee CHAMBERLAIN in Brunswick, Maine

19th Nov 1857

Birth of son Unamed CHAMBERLAIN

between 1858 and 1947

Death of son Unamed CHAMBERLAIN

10th Oct 1858

Birth of son Harold Wyllys CHAMBERLAIN

between 1859 and 1948

Death of son Harold Wyllys CHAMBERLAIN

May 1860

Birth of daughter Emily Stelle CHAMBERLAIN

between 1861 and 1954

Death of daughter Emily Stelle CHAMBERLAIN

16th Jan 1865

Birth of daughter Gertrude Loraine CHAMBERLAIN

between 1866 and 1959

Death of daughter Gertrude Loraine CHAMBERLAIN

18th Oct 1905

Death of Frances Caroline ADAMS in Brunswick, Maine

24th Feb 1914

Died in 499 Ocean Ave, Portland, Maine

(less likely)

24th Feb 1914

Died in Portland, Maine

(most likely)

Other facts


Burial in Pine Grove Cemetery, Brunswick, Maine


  • Ancestors on both the Chamberlain and the Brastow sides of the familyhad emigrated to America in the 17th century. JLC was educated at thelocal school, briefly attended a military academy, graduated fromBowdoin College in 1852, and from Bangor Theological Seminary in 1855.That same year JLC married Frances (Fannie) Caroline Adams, a distantrelative of the presidential Adamses.
    JLC taught natural theology, logic, rhetoric, and modern languages atBowdoin from 1856 to 1862. During the Civil War he served in the army(1862 to 1866), rising to the rank of major general and winning theCongressional Medal of Honor for his actions at Gettysburg. From 1866to 1870 JLC was governor of Maine. He served as president of Bowdoinfrom 1871 to 1883. JLC's actions as commander of the Maine militia in1880 kept peace in the state while a hotly disputed election wasdecided by the Maine Supreme Court. JLC wrote several militaryhistories; lectured widely, mostly on the Civil War; and served as aU.S. commissioner at the 1878 Paris Exposition. He was the presidentof the Artist-Artisan Institute of New York, developed Floridarailroads and industry, and, from 1900 to his death on February 24,1914, served as surveyor of the port of Portland, Maine.

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