My Observatory

Finally Completed

The photo below shows the completed observatory with the finishing touches. Now I didn't wait to get everything done before I started using it. Once the roof was finished and covered with the steel sheeting, and the door was secure with lock and key, I moved the scope in and bolted it to the wedge on the pier. With that in place, all I had to do was wait for a clear sky, roll the roof off and begin observing. What a difference it makes! No more spending hours dragging equipment outside, setting up, and doing a polar alignment.

When I am finished for an evening's observing, I simply 'Park' the scope so that it is ready for the next time. Then I roll the roof back and latch it so it won't accidentally roll back.

And a peek inside. The inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpet (also from Lowe's) gives it a nice touch (as well as stopping small objects such as Allen wrenches from falling through the cracks in the plank floor!)




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